Xrdp is an opensource remote desktop protocol server, which allows you to connect to the Linux desktop from any operating system
If you need to open or redirect access on your router or firewall, know that xrdp uses the standard port 3389


The installation of xrdp is straightforward since it is available in the original Raspbian repositories

So just run the following command:

sudo apt-get install xrdp

xrdp is present on raspberry as a service, so you can manage it with the usual controls if needed : sudo service xrdp start | stop | restart | status

From Linux

To connect from a pc under Linux, I advise you to use Remmina
It is provided in the repositories for most distributions: sudo apt-get install remmina

Once installed, launch it and connect to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi

On my Ubuntu I encountered the following error:

"You requested an h264 GFX mode for server, but your libfreerdp does not support h264. Please check color depth settings."

So I had to add it as a shortcut, the quick connection does not allow to define the color depth
By choosing GFX RFX in the list, the error disappeared, and I was able to connect

Here are the options I filled :

remmina remote desktop

From Windows

From Windows start the “Remote Desktop Connection” tool from the start menu and fill the IP address :

windows remote desktop

Click on “Connect” and you will come to the xrdp login screen

xrdp login remote desktop

All you need to do is enter the credentials and click OK
Set Xorg for Session if you do not know what you are doing
The desktop will then be displayed relatively well

In my case the icon was a bit big, so I changed in the appearance options, but otherwise it was usable

From Mac OS

I could not do the test on Mac OS, but there are several RDP clients that you can use the same way

Download for example “Microsoft Remote Desktop” from the App Store, and connect to your Raspberry Pi by specifying its IP address

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