• Click on Device Management\Input. Create an Input
    Input Type: Normal
    Create an Input Group
    Panel: choose the controller
    Address: 1
  • Click on Action/Group Management
    In the Input Groups create a Group then select the controller to Current Inputs
    Click on Actions Create an Action
    System Mode: Cause and Effect
    Time Schedule: All the time
    Input Group: Choose the Input Groups that created above
  • Time Patterns All the Time
  • Time Schedules All the time
  • Event Management create Event Groups
    Group Type: Input
  • Create an Event Topics
  • Create an Event Rules
    Rule Type: Input
    Event Group: Select the group
    System Mode: Events and Logging
    Time Schedule: All the Time
  • Under the Events tab
    move Activated and Reset to Current Events
  • Under the Topics tab
    move The created topic to Current Topics
  • Create a Notification Groups
    Transport Type: Email
    Type the receipts email address and click Add
  • Notification Rules
    under Basic tab Transport Type: Email
  • Notification Groups
    move the group to current notification groups
  • Under topics move Input Tamper, Panel Opened and Created fire Events to Current Topics
  • Under Template copy and paste the code below
  • Under the System Administration click in to Service Settings
  • Notification
    > Transport
    > smtp
    fill the email provider configuration

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